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my favorite restaurants at the Causeway



Calle Amador, Isla Flamenco, Calzada
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Buccaneer Restaurant located in the Causeway, this restaurant offers fresh seafoodreally the Caribbean and the Pacific. This world-class restaurant offers seafood, lobster,giant cr.


Boulevard Amador, Calzada

Located in the most privileged resort Panama City, Pencas offers a variety of servicesand lounges where you can make your business or social event possible.

Calle Amador, Isla Flamenco, Calzada
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Albertos restaurant is decorated like a typical restaurant in Venice. Albertos Restaurant is located on the road on the island Flamenco. Albertos restaurant has a quiet calm to talk.

Leños & carbón 

I love the steak and Caesar salad, is simply the Southern part and unsurpassed.

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Basic Information

City:Ciudad de Panamá
Zone:Ciudad de Panamá
Type:Technical Monument
Distance:10 km from Panama
Altitude:5 AMSL
Latitude:8° 54' 52.38''
Longtitude:79° 31' 48.73'


The Causeway's most northern section, which is part of the mainland, is home to a new large international hotel, complete with pool and Fridays Restaurant, and the Balboa Yacht Club, which faces the Canal and also has a pool and restaurant/bar. The Yacht Club is home to several dozen personal pleasure boats, and has a long dock which juts out into the Panama Canal. There is ample space for parking here, and the area is wide open and pleasant, with much of the walking area titled with red brick and lined with colorful trees and flowers.

Sunset at Causeway Amador by Gaby Maldonado.

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Tourism in the Amador Causeway in Panama

The Amador Causeway in Panama Amador Causeway is a tourist place where you can spend some quality time with family or friends. In Amador Causway you can walk, ride bikes, scooters, skates, and he can also fish, plus you can visit the different clubs, restaurants.

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Causeway and Attractions

The Amador Causeway is a unique place in Panama. Itself is almost entirely, on the south side, a long street where you can see the sea on both sides with beautiful views of the city of Panama, the Bridge of the Americas and the ships transiting the Panama Canal . Along the street cars run at low speeds, you can see people biking, running, walking, skating, sitting on benches, strolling families, teenagers on skateboards, horses, floats, food vendors and the famous scrapings "and many more sports and leisure activities that are exploited to get outdoors and with a spectacular view of the sea on both sides.